Micro Credentials

What is a Micro Credential?

With the demands of the 21st century, lifelong learning has become a more important means to survive in the ever-changing environment of the working industry. Micro credentials are certifications of learning for a smaller set of courses or modules that are designed to provide learners with knowledge, skills, values, and competencies in a focused area of study.

  • Component of an accredited program
  • Provides student with an added value towards their existing qualification or professions
  • Means of up-skilling or re-skilling for professional development

How will the Micro Credential Course be delivered?

  • Via Online
  • Self-paced learning
  • Delivered through an online blended learning experience
  • Synchronous and A synchronous lectures.
  • Moodle – main repository of knowledge and Learning Management System (LMS)

Reward upon completing a Micro Credential course?

  • Digital Award Certificate
  • Digital Badge

Why pursue a Micro Credential course?

  • Added Value for Students / Learners
  • Structured Learning
  • Multidisciplinary Roles & Widening of Skills

Benefits of Micro Credential

A candidate’s prior skills and work or life experiences may also be taken as credits towards an accredited program.
Candidates are required to demonstrate their development of knowledge, skills, and competencies in a specified targeted area while developing clear evidence of learning “in-action”.
A micro-credential course is shorter than your usual university course. It could be a small part of an accredited program or a stand-alone course.

Micro-credentials provide learners the opportunity to sharpen competency and obtain new sets of skills, preparing them as good candidates when they apply for their dream job. Micro Credentials gives learners exactly what they need with its flexible structure and affordable fees. Along with the benefits that comes with fulfilling this program.

Learners will be rewarded a digital badge, certificate and a commendation on your transcript that will guarantee to boost confidence amongst potential employers when learner’s CV is reviewed.

Academic progression pathway (Credential)

Academic progression pathway (CPD)

List of Micro Credential Programs:

Program NameProgram CodeStudy DurationLocal Fees (RM) International Fees (RM)
Micro-Credential in OSH LegislationMC-OSH-017-10 Weeks650975
Micro-Credential in Multimedia ProductionMC-MM-017-10 Weeks1,0001,500
Micro-Credential in Strategic ManagementMC-BBA-017-10 Weeks1,0001,500
Micro-Credential in Marketing ManagementMC-MBA-017-10 Weeks1,0001,500
Micro-Credential in Research MethodologyMC-MBA-027-10 Weeks1,2001,800
Micro-Credential in Counselling SkillsMC-PSY-017-10 Weeks1,0001,500
Micro-Credential in Counselling MethodMC-PSY-017-10 Weeks1,0001,500
Micro-Credential in Social Problem and Social WelfareMC-PSY-037-10 Weeks1,0001,500
Micro-Credential in Family and Relationship CounsellingMC-PSY-047-10 Weeks1,0001,500
Micro-Credential in Computer ProgrammingMC-BIT-O17-10 Weeks1,2001,800
Micro-Credential in Artificial IntelligenceMC-BIT-027-10 Weeks1,2001,800
Micro-Credential in Data StructureMC-BIT-037-10 Weeks1,2001,800
Micro-Credential in Event Management & PlanningMC-HAT-017-10 Weeks8001,200

Promotion Notes:
1. Early bird discount of 5% from the fee from 1st March 2022 – 15th March 2022
2. Student will be offered special discounted fee for enrolling with us

How to make payment:

Bank details:

  • Bank : CIMB Bank Malaysia
  • Account No : 8002295164

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