About Us

City Academy commenced its operations on 23rd April 2012. The Academy which is situated in Petaling Jaya offers Diploma programmes focusing on business, science and technology. City Academy prioritizes skill-building and on-the-job training, as well as quality education whilst upholding high standards that provides added value and a competitive edge. Equipped with designated classrooms to help students achieve their educational goals, City Academy shares several facilities with City University which is also located in the same building. The Academy also has a number of collaboration with other foreign universities around the world.

To provide high quality industry and market driven educational courses and programmes with the aim of producing knowedge-based, socially responsible leaders and managers. To produce quality graduates, well-balanced with the employability attributes of professionalism, communication skills, intellectual curiosity, ethical behaviour and lifelong learning.

To be a University that is recognised as among the leading institutions of higher learning with a steadfast commitment to excellence and perfection.

City Academy
Unit G-02 Lobby 1, Crystal Plaza No. 4 Jalan 51A/223 46100 Petaling Jaya
Tel: +603-78903881, Fax: +603-79320919