Cambridge GCE A-Levels

Cambridge GCE A-Level


Programme Overview

While A levels are important for admission to un iversity, they also provide advantages later on. A levels (and their grade levels) are widely recognised by employers around the world. A strong set of A-level results, combine your degree, will help you stand out from other candidates. This is a great way to demonstrate consistent pelformance and your ability to meet international slandards of excellence. Given these benefits, it’s not surprising that A-level students are becoming increasingly popular. As one of the best ways to make the transition from school to university, they are an ideal way to prepare yourself for a successful future.

  • List of Subjects Offered
  • Entry Requirements


  • Accounting (9706)
  • Business (9609)
  • Economics (9708)
  • Law (9084)
  • Mathematics (9709)


  • Biology (9700)
  • Chemistry (9701)
  • Physics (9702)
  • Further Mathematics (9231)

Cambridge A-Level Art

Entry Requirement:

  • SPM: Minimum 5Cs, O-level or equivalent
  • UEC: Minimum Grade 3Bs or equivalent field


Cambridge A-Level Science

Entry Requirement:

  • SPM: Minimum 5Cs at SPM including Mathematic and 2 science subjects, and pass in Malay and English, or equivalent field
  • UEC: Minimum Grade B in Mathematic and 2 subject science and pass in Malay and English, or equivalent field
Credit Hours Duration of Study
60 credits Fulltime: 18 months (3 semesters)

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