Cambridge GCE A-Levels

Cambridge GCE A-Level


Programme Overview

While A-Levels are important for admission to university, they also provide advantages later on. A-Levels (and their grade levels) are widely recognised by universities around the world. A strong set of A-Level results, combined with your degree, will help you stand out from other candidates. In City Academy, we provide intensive personalised coaching with integrated project works and you will be exposed to training research skills. 

This is a great way to demonstrate consistent performance and your ability to meet international standards of excellence. Given these benefits, it’s not surprising that A-Levels students are becoming increasingly popular. As one of the best way to make the transition to universities, they are an ideal way to prepare yourself for a successful future.

  • List of Subjects Offered
  • Entry Requirements


  • Accounting (9706)
  • Business (9609)
  • Economics (9708)
  • Law (9084)
  • Mathematics (9709)


  • Biology (9700)
  • Chemistry (9701)
  • Physics (9702)
  • Further Mathematics (9231)

Cambridge A-Level Art

Entry Requirement:

  • SPM: Minimum 5Cs, O-level or equivalent
  • UEC: Minimum Grade 3Bs or equivalent field


Cambridge A-Level Science

Entry Requirement:

  • SPM: Minimum 5Cs at SPM including Mathematic and 2 science subjects, and pass in Malay and English, or equivalent field
  • UEC: Minimum Grade B in Mathematic and 2 subject science and pass in Malay and English, or equivalent field
Credit Hours Duration of Study
60 credits Fulltime: 18 months (3 semesters)

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