Hard Work Yields Results

UTM Dean's List Student

Hard Work Yields Results

CONGRATULATIONS! You made it to the Dean’s List. Now you are a step closer to your dream – getting a place @ UTM – one of the top public universities in Malaysia.   

Nathiya Ganesan joined City Academy Diploma in Technology Management program in 2019. 

An active squash player, as a national player, Nathiya has to balance her time between studies and playing squash. 

She pays tribute to her team of dedicated lecturers at City Academy and peers in the mentoring during her studies. 

With the determination to make her parents proud, she decided to set her goals high and followed a well planned schedule that priorities her studies first.  

Nathiya was all smiles when she received the results of her Finals. Nathiya breathed a huge sigh of relief as she was able to prove to herself that hard work and determination will eventually bring you success.

Now, Nathiya is only one internship away from making it into University Technologi Malaysia (UTM), which is collaborates with City Academy for the Diploma in Technology Management program.

Nathiya is very grateful for the opportunity to pursue her Degree in UTM as without this pathway, she would have not seen the opportunity to be a student in UTM – one of the top public university in Malaysia.

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  • Hard Work Yields Results